Today's Birthday: John Delve - Turns 61


jbol: Great wing-half, though. Dec 15, 2014 21:45:19 GMT
w12: besic or barklay mom for me v impressed by youngster i hate to say Dec 15, 2014 21:47:04 GMT
texasranger: football really is a confidence game .. if we coud have got something early in the game we would have definitely got something.. Everton are very ordinary Dec 15, 2014 21:47:32 GMT
w12: i agree Dec 15, 2014 21:48:00 GMT
texasranger: at home we think we will always get soemthing even if we go behind but away we just seem to have no faith at all Dec 15, 2014 21:49:21 GMT
jbol: Yes, but against whom have we not struggled (even at home). We never seem able to rise above our ordinariness, unlike say Newcastle. Dec 15, 2014 21:51:16 GMT
texasranger: I re watched our play off win against Wigan again the other day and we just kept pushing forward even though we were one down but away when we go behind the heads all drop Dec 15, 2014 21:51:16 GMT
texasranger: Greens distribution has been abysmal tonight don't think he has found our players more than once or twice all evening. Dec 15, 2014 21:52:49 GMT
w12: shocking prblly his worst game Dec 15, 2014 21:53:26 GMT
jbol: Joey looks satisfied, at leat Dec 15, 2014 21:54:40 GMT
texasranger: Hope Harry brings henry back on Saturday and of course Austin with Zamorra .. might be time to give the other keeper a chance as well.. Dec 15, 2014 21:55:10 GMT
jbol: OK, that's it, bye all- Dec 15, 2014 21:55:45 GMT
texasranger: afraid Joey needs a spell on the bench .. and Mutch was disappointing again Dec 15, 2014 21:56:13 GMT
jbol: (Agreed!) Dec 15, 2014 21:56:33 GMT
texasranger: any news on Sandro though him and Henry are our best centre mid. Thought Hoilett did enough to keep a place except for his woeful shooting Dec 15, 2014 21:58:12 GMT
w12: anybody know any bricklayers? Dec 15, 2014 21:59:49 GMT
texasranger: any way I guess its time to go ... disappointing tonight as football wise I think we easily matched Everton... just lacking any confidence or shooting ability without Austin Dec 15, 2014 22:00:41 GMT
w12: its the only way to keep ball out of net Dec 15, 2014 22:00:59 GMT
w12: bye pple Dec 15, 2014 22:01:23 GMT
texasranger: see you W12 Dec 15, 2014 22:01:46 GMT