Likas Stadium Kota Kinabalu. Asia Pre- Season Tour


jbol: 5 games to go - Hull and S'land to catch. Still possible. Onwards and upwards! Apr 12, 2015 14:24:57 GMT
texasranger: yes I was hoping that was the point we needed along with wins against Spam and Newcastle Apr 12, 2015 14:25:20 GMT
kenthoop: Deserved a point today ,the scum got out of jail Apr 12, 2015 14:25:48 GMT
texasranger: and for once our defence played well... no mistakes and then Green who has been solid all season gives it away Apr 12, 2015 14:26:40 GMT
jbol: Bye all, off for a coffee Apr 12, 2015 14:26:52 GMT
texasranger: by Jbol Apr 12, 2015 14:27:09 GMT
kenthoop: See you TeX jbol ,gutted Apr 12, 2015 14:27:23 GMT
texasranger: yep time to go ... still hope but I just cant see us doing it now .. such a pity we let Redknapp waste most of the season , if only he had gone earlier Apr 12, 2015 14:29:03 GMT
texasranger: bye Apr 12, 2015 14:29:23 GMT
Macmoish: Welcome to QPR vs West Ham - Adel and SWP on the Bench...Truly a must win (first of several) Apr 25, 2015 13:36:27 GMT
texasranger: Morning all fro a balmy texas.... Come on URRRRRSsssssssssssssssssssssss Apr 25, 2015 14:02:58 GMT
texasranger: well this its it I reckon 3 points or we are down Apr 25, 2015 14:03:41 GMT
texasranger: phew that was close nearly 1-0 down Apr 25, 2015 14:04:13 GMT
texasranger: lot of rushnot much thinking at the moment Apr 25, 2015 14:05:04 GMT
texasranger: 3 corners to West ham already ..come on Rangers Apr 25, 2015 14:05:50 GMT
texasranger: right tem against Chelsea but wrong team today not enough creativity Apr 25, 2015 14:12:54 GMT
texasranger: cant get any possession lots of kick and hope Apr 25, 2015 14:14:22 GMT
texasranger: we water the pitch and our defenders keep falling over Apr 25, 2015 14:19:39 GMT
texasranger: Green looks very shaky Apr 25, 2015 14:20:17 GMT
texasranger: hmmmm very ragged at the moment. Apr 25, 2015 14:21:12 GMT