Likas Stadium Kota Kinabalu. Asia Pre- Season Tour


fabs: My Superleague team won last night, my football team won today. If Carlsberg made weekends.... Aug 30, 2014 16:01:33 GMT
gramps: "Get it manure". Yes, don't give up your day job Kent Aug 30, 2014 16:01:40 GMT
texasranger: Hope we don't get rid of Hoilett or Phillips though they did well today Aug 30, 2014 16:01:52 GMT
kenthoop: Nor Ned Aug 30, 2014 16:02:17 GMT
gramps: Who knows what HR will do? I worry sometimes. Aug 30, 2014 16:02:35 GMT
kenthoop: I think sometimes even ca Aug 30, 2014 16:03:50 GMT
kenthoop: This bloody keyboard Aug 30, 2014 16:04:16 GMT
texasranger: agreed Kent although if we are now going to 442 would he get a game ahead of Ferdinand and Cauker Aug 30, 2014 16:04:31 GMT
gramps: OK guys, that's me done. Going to sit down and recover with a bottle of something. Nice sharing the afternoon with you guys. Bye for now Aug 30, 2014 16:04:42 GMT
kenthoop: Well my prediction was wrong ,I did better in the world cup ,can't get a result here though Aug 30, 2014 16:05:12 GMT
texasranger: If remy has gone then we atill need cover for Austin or is Vargas a striker? Aug 30, 2014 16:05:27 GMT
texasranger: Bye Gramps Aug 30, 2014 16:05:45 GMT
texasranger: yep time to go .. Saturday chores ahead :) Aug 30, 2014 16:06:09 GMT
kenthoop: Well that's me out if here thanks for the company see you after the break Aug 30, 2014 16:06:31 GMT
gramps: Byeeeeeeee Aug 30, 2014 16:06:31 GMT
fabs: Bye gramps. Aug 30, 2014 16:06:34 GMT
fabs: Vargas can play as a winger or striker texas Aug 30, 2014 16:06:45 GMT
kenthoop: See you gramps Aug 30, 2014 16:06:53 GMT
fabs: bye everyone Aug 30, 2014 16:07:13 GMT
kenthoop: See you fabs Aug 30, 2014 16:07:31 GMT